Quality Policy

At Xtreme Machining Inc., we are unwavering in our commitment to quality. Our dedication to precision and excellence is embedded in every process and product, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards of the industries we serve. We pride ourselves on a meticulous approach to manufacturing, using only the most advanced technologies and robust quality control measures. Our quality management system is compliant with AS9100 standards, guaranteeing reliability and superior performance in all our components.

Quality Objective

The Quality Objective is to develop, implement, and maintain a continuously improving quality system that ensures the consistency of products and services required and deserving of world-class customers and interested parties.

Strategic Direction

Xtreme Machining, Inc. takes pride in providing the best complex machined products in the Aerospace industry.

We are a progressive, full-service, quality driven organization dedicated to services and products resulting in positive customer experiences.

We are therefore committed to implementing an effective management program that will govern our attitude and action in quality matters, and will benefit our community, the employees, the customers and all interested parties.


  • Provide our customers with only the highest quality products.
  • Provide those products on time in the best possible way.
  • Provide our customers with the best pricing and value for our products.
  • Provide open communication with our customers to meet their needs and enhance their experience.

  • Provide a system of Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Provide a safe work environment for employees, as well as safe products for all interested parties.
  • Provide a system of employee involvement, motivation, and training.
  • Utilize advanced quality techniques as appropriate.
  • Maintain a system of continuous and sustainable growth to benefit all interested parties.